Ted Lopes



​​​​​​​​​Most of you that have worked with me in the past know of my integrity, work ethic and passion for my industry. I firmly believe that we are in the middle of a fitness renaissance,    a change in direction that will be much more that just how big or small you muscles are and how much leaner you can become. The future of fitness will be based on hardcore science and data that will humanize and integrate fitness with the sole purpose of developing a more balanced and whole person. I invite you to be part of the next evolution of health and fitness.

I am a living example of the boy who got the sand kicked in his face by the bully on the beach who then decided to do something about it. For me weight lifting and sports was a matter of survival, a defense mechanism intended to protect me from the negative surroundings that I grew up around in the early 1970’s Brockton, Massachusetts.  In the process of developing what I call my “Body Armor” through weightlifting, I unknowingly kick started an amazing journey of physical and mental transformation, culminating with me winning the prestigious 1994 Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition in London England. I soon decided that I would not enter the ranks of professional bodybuilding but instead direct my energy towards my life’s purpose of educating people about health and fitness. Mx3Pro is the culmination of my life’s journey. Here at the Canton Sportsplex and in partnership with ‘TeamWorks I’m am able to fulfill this goal with my Integrative training center that not only works with Elite athletes but also those who are looking to achieve health and wellness.


In my 25 plus years in the Fitness Industry, I have witnesses numerous changes and fitness programming, nutrition and equipment development, but what I believe will always remain constant is that people want to see real results and they want to feel good mentally and physically. This is the basis for my MX3 (MIND-MUSCLE and METABOLISM) systems of training, and integrative fitness experience that addresses the whole person mind body and soul. - Ted Lopes


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