​​​​​​​​​Elite Performance Strength and

Conditioning for all Athletes

Super-fit KIDZ​


1. Health first approach: The most important goal in our program is the development of a strong mind and body connection and the preservation of a youthful attitude.- ‘Train with us so that you can keep up with your children".

2. Safety first: Injury prevention and physical maintenance through a sensible, balanced , strength and conditioning program -"It’s okay to act and train like a warrior, but just remember that the goal is for you to show up to work the next day healthy and with no crutches".

3. Real results: Realistic goals and positive transformation for the "active everyone" -"We won’t guarantee that you will become Mr. Universe, but we promise that you will look and feel better so that you can go on to live a better quality of life"

4. Integrated fitness philosophy: The mixture of different sports and exercise disciplines into our programs created to prevent training plateaus so you can keep seeing positive results in your body. - “keeping your body off balance in order to achieve maximum gains”

5. Periodization of training: The breaking down of a training program into different phases over a period of time, through the increasing and decreasing of training volume and training intensity, with the goal of facilitating maximum safety and muscle recovery..

​​​General Fitness and Integrative fitness training